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Vol. 25 Núm. 1 (2021): Mesoamericana

Biodiversity assessment at the southeastern side of Darien National Park, Panama: Diversity of southwestern Darien

diciembre 23, 2021


This study reports on biodiversity observed in the southeast of Darien province, Panama including Punta Cocalito next to the Pacific side of the Panama-Colombian border, observations along the Tuira river, Púcuro, and the intersection of the Cituro and Cupe river at the central-east Darien. Since the early 1900s, taxonomic review of these areas has been poor. Using Ad-libitum observations, Orion Camera System, and mist-nets, we confirm 18 species of medium sized and volant mammals, 161 species of birds, 34 orchids, six frogs and three snakes, with a first record of the copper parrot snake Leptophis cupreus. We confirm the southeastern Darien as an important biodiversity hotspot, threatened by anthropogenic activities and actions for the conservation of biodiversity in that area is urged.

Palabras clave:
Biodiversity, Conservation, Darien, Panama Biodiversidad, Conservación, Darién, Panamá.


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